"Our daughter enjoys the program and is eager to participate, which is huge for me. She likes the teachers, the incentive program and I love the topic."

Trisha T.

4th Grade Parent, Bakersfield, CA
"Our daughter has enjoyed her sessions. She hasn’t needed our assistance with anything and the scheduling has been easy. Writing is such a tricky subject, especially for young children. We love the idea of a tailored learning environment to develop that muscle and gain confidence in written communication."

Margee R.

4th Grade Parent, Ridgefield, CT
"My girls who are in 1st and 4th grade started Jump Writing a few months ago through the Jump pilot program. They were both previous Adventures in Writing summer participants and have done well with the online writing lesson formats. They are both advanced readers but when it comes to writing, it has always been difficult to draw out their fantastic ideas onto paper. Writing is a difficult subject to teach and learn. In a public school setting, even if the writing curriculum is strong, kids generally don't get enough attention or time with their teachers and thus the progress is slow. We initially hesitated on joining 4 classes per week at the start of the JUmp program but after testing it out for 2 weeks, we really saw benefits of having frequent and strategy focused classes. The format of small group discussion, one on one writing lessons, combined with language practice on IXL helps break up the class and lessens down time for the students. Most importantly, teachers are super nurturing and encouraging which further motivates the students to do better. My girls love seeing their teachers and are super excited to take the class everyday. The program staff from scheduling to assessments have been very responsive and helpful. Overall, I highly recommend this course if you have a budding writer who can benefit from learning a structured yet fun writing program!"

Sherry K

1st & 4th Grade Parent, Los Angeles, CA
"I would absolutely recommend the program. Especially to children who love to write and also read. Jump Writing engages our daughter in writing and language arts in a different way than what she’s used to. We’re also happy that she is learning technical aspects of writing, since that is something she has been less interested in - so far she’s loved it simply as her form of art!"

Erica S.

5th Grade Parent, Denver, CO