Jump Writing’s unique instruction process was created by educators with master’s degrees from the Stanford School of Education and the Stanford Teacher Education Program.

Our educational best-practices and personalized programs are designed to further advance students who already thrive in writing, and jumpstart those who need a little extra help.

As schools increasingly focus on STEM instruction, students receive less instruction in language arts. Many families are catching up from COVID after feeling disappointed by distance learning. Jump Writing is designed to help.

Jump Writing was created by the team at Adventures in Writing Camp. In our ten years of operating AIW Camp, we’ve received many requests for expanded writing offerings that emphasize spelling, grammar, punctuation, and handwriting. These are aspects of writing we have traditionally avoided offering in the “short form” sessions AIW Camp, believing them to be better delivered in a “longer format” program.

With the academic challenges that have been created by COVID and forced distance learning, the calls for skill-building became louder. We began using our time “laying low” during the pandemic to ideate on how to meet this need. The near-ubiquity of online learning, and the projected rise in families with at least one long-term “work from home” parent allowed us to develop a model that pairs an excellent learning experience for students with greater flexibility and lower cost for parents.

The result is an offering that creates value for families that want to make writing development a year-round part of their learning, as well as to those that want a few months of a “boost” to catch up, reinforce, or get ahead. The program is designed to be effective as a stand-alone, or as a compliment to their summer creative writing experiences at AIW Camp.