Is Jump Writing for kids who struggle or love to write?

It is for both! The highly-customized nature of each student’s experience allows Jump Writing to meet students were they are in their writing journey.  Struggling writers develop the confidence and competence they need to demystify writing and begin thriving. Students who already have confidence are able to develop mastery and move further ahead. Many children who are already “good” writers have skill-gaps that go un-noticed or un-addressed in a large classroom setting. These skill-gaps can become problematic as your child enters a new grade and academic expectations change. Jump Writing helps insure your child is prepared to succeed through every step of their academic journey!

Why is writing confidence important?

Students who become confident writers begin to enjoy writing. Students who enjoy writing write more frequently. Students who write frequently become more skilled and still more confident. It’s a virtuous cycle of self-improvement with wide-ranging personal, academic, and social benefits.

When you support your child’s development as a writer, you are giving them a life-long gift! Writing skills pave the way to success in many academic subjects, and are integral to being an effective leader and communicator. Writing skills empower students to express their ideas and feel heard. From college applications to cover letters to love notes, writing is an essential life skill.

What is the assessment process?

Each young writer’s Jump Writing journey begins with an evaluation of their current writing.

Upon enrolling in Jump Writing, you will receive a link to a computer-based online assessment.

This assessment will take about 45 minutes, and we ask that your child complete this before their first learning session.

During your child’s first learning session, they will receive a series of writing prompts and use their 50 minute session to produce a writing sample based on those prompts. This writing sample will then be reviewed by a credentialed teacher through our proprietary rubric.  

Based on the results of the computer-based and written assessments, your child will be assigned to a course of curriculum customized to their level of spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sentence fluency, and in some cases other age/grade level appropriate aspects of writing. 

Once these two assessments have been completed, a student will begin their customized coursework, typically during their second learning session.

We continue to regularly assess students, to make sure their customized Jump Writing curriculum grows with them as their skills and confidence grow. Depending on the frequency with which a student attends, they will typically be formally re-assessed every 4 to 8 weeks.

These assessments are reviewed within 18 hours of completion, allowing you to schedule your child’s first session (the writing-sample assessment) one day, and their second session (first “normal” learning session) the next day.

How frequently should my child attend to improve?

We typically see Jump Writing members attend an average of three 50-minute Learning Sessions per week. Some attend twice a week, some attend four times a week. For some families, it fluctuates based on their schedule of other activities. We suggest that your student attend a minimum of two Learning Sessions per week, (on average), to make the program worthwhile.

The curriculum is personalized, and your child will “pick up where they left off” at the conclusion of their previous session, whether that session was yesterday or ten days ago.

The more Learning Sessions your child is able to attend, the more they will learn, the better prepared they will be for academic success, and the more value you will receive for your investment.

Can I only schedule sessions by the week? How far out can I schedule?

You can schedule by the week, or by the month. We’ve designed the program to allow parents flexibility.  If your schedule fluctuates week-to-week, you have the flexibility to set a new schedule each week. If you prefer the convenience and simplicity of securing a regular recurring schedule, you can do that too!

To schedule:

  1. Sign-into www.jumpwriting.com/login, click “Book a Session” and select the day you would like to schedule (e.g. Jump Writing – Monday).
  2. Select your desired start time and click enroll.
  3. Return to “Book a Session” and add up to four sessions per week.
  4. Sessions may be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.
  5. Sessions must be booked by Sunday at 5pm PST for the following week.

I missed the deadline to book my Jump Writing Learning Sessions for the week. Does that mean my student cannot attend this week?

You can still attend! However, the available time-slots will be more limited. We staff for the week based on registrations received by the deadline. We know that busy parents sometimes forget (we’re parents too!), and we include some extra openings into each week’s staffing.

If you forget to schedule, e-mail contact (at) jumpwriting.com ASAP with a list of desired timeslots.

Can I request a specific coach?

If you are participating in the Jump Writing program, you will be automatically assigned one of our trained coaches at the start of each learning session. It is not possible to request a specific coach for a learning session.

I’m ready to start mid-month. Do you prorate? How does that work?

Jump Writing memberships start whenever you are ready and operate on a “rolling” month. For example, if you start on January 4th, your first month will run through February 3rd. With this structure, there is no need to prorate a month, or to wait for the start of a new month to begin helping your child!    

What if it does not go well?

It usually does, but it your child tries the program, and you are not satisfied after 4 weeks, you can cancel and receive a full refund!

If you are not satisfied after 4 weeks, let us know during the 5th week, and we will refund your payment(s). Student must attend 2+ times per week during weeks 1-4 to have “given it a chance” and be eligible for refund.  Parent/guardian must send an e-mail to contact@jumpwriting.com between days 29 and 35 following first session to request a refund.

What is your cancellation policy?

Memberships are designed to be flexible for you and your unique needs.

You are not locked into a long-term agreement and can cancel by providing 30 days’ notice. The member will be required to make any Scheduled Payments that are due within the 30-days and the membership will be terminated at the end of that paid period.

If you decide to cancel before the end of a 3-month or 6-month membership, there is no early termination fee. We will automatically convert your registration to a shorter membership, which would typically have a slightly higher per-month fee. You pay the difference in the monthly fee for the term of the membership, which is typically in the range of $25 per month. You’re not locked into a long-term contract (paying for months beyond your 30-day notice) or stuck with a big termination fee. We are parents too, and know that schedules, needs, and interests change!

If you need to cancel before the completion of your selected duration, let us know by e-mailing contact@jumpwriting.com.

If you are not satisfied after 4 weeks, let us know during the 5th week, and we will refund your payment(s). Student must attend 2+ times per week during weeks 1-4 to have “given it a chance” and be eligible for refund.  Parent/guardian must send an e-mail to contact@jumpwriting.com between days 29 and 35 following first session to request a refund.

In the event you register and pay for a Jump Writing membership, but need to cancel before your child’s first scheduled session, you will be refunded the amount you paid, less a 5% fee to cover credit card fees and administrative costs.

If you miss the deadline to register for your child’s sessions for a week, your child will likely still be able to attend.  However, the available time slots will likely be more limited.

What is the assessment process?

Each student is evaluated in an ongoing basis by their 1-1 instructor. If you have specific skills or growth opportunities you would like your child to develop, your Jump Private Coach can focus on those. Otherwise, your child’s Coach will assess their process as they go. We pay our coaches for prep time before each session to prepare personalized and customized instruction for that coaching session.

How long is each session?

Each session is 50 minutes long. We ask that students please be on time.

Can I request a coach?

If you are participating in the Jump Private Coaching program, you will select and schedule your Jump Private Coach through our scheduling widget. If you prefer, you can tell us about your learning objectives for your child, and allow our experts to suggest a match.

Can I only schedule sessions by the week? How far out can I schedule?

With Jump Private Coaching, you can book one session at a time, or set a recurring schedule. You can schedule your Jump Private Coaching sessions through our scheduling widget. For longer-term, recurring schedules, feel free to speak directly with your Coach to coordinate standing times that work for your schedule.

If you need to change your schedule, we ask that you provide at least 12 hours of notice, though more notice is always appreciated when possible!  

What is your cancellation policy?

Sessions cancelled with less than 12 hours notice cannot be rescheduled and will count as a completed session.