Each student’s Jump Writing journey begins with an evaluation of their current writing. Using frequent assessment (both computer-based and teacher-reviewed) we create individualized learning session plans for students. These plans focus on building writing and reading strategies, improving vocabulary, and developing a deeper understanding of grammar and mechanics. Writers will work to produce a portfolio piece in each of the following genres– opinion, informational, and narrative. With a plan in place, young writers are ready to begin.

How it works

Jump Writing is flexible with your schedule.  Simply let us know by 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 Eastern on Friday which sessions your child / children will be joining the following week. You can become a member any time during the month. For example, if you join on the 12th day of one month, you’ll have through the 11th day of the following month to use your visits. Unused visits do not roll over to the following month.


Jump Writing sessions meet Monday through Friday at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm Pacific (7pm, 8pm, & 9pm EST) and 8am and 9 amPacific (11 am and noon Eastern) Saturday mornings.

You have the option of registering on a monthly, or half-year (6 month) basis. You are not locked into a long-term agreement, and can cancel by providing 30 days notice.

Plans and Pricing

Two fifty-minute learning sessions per week (up to 10 learning sessions per month)

1 MONTH PLAN = $219/month
6 MONTH PLAN = $199/month

Attend up to 4 times per week (Monday-Saturday)

    • 1 MONTH PLAN = $349/month

6 MONTH PLAN = $314/monthSave $15/child/month when enrolling siblings


Like you, we are busy parents, and we’ve designed the Jump Writing experience to be straightforward and easy. Follow the simple steps below to start your child on the path to being a more confident communicator.

Select the plan that’s right for you
Start with one month, or save money with a 3 or 6 month plan. Click here to see pricing options.

Schedule your child’s Learning Sessions
Schedule or reschedule your child’s Learning Sessions from your phone or computer by logging in, clicking the “Book a Session” link and selecting the days and times that you would like to schedule. You are welcome to schedule up to a month ahead but at a minimum your sessions must be booked by Friday for the following week.

Decide what YOU will do with your extra 50 minutes!
Whatever you do while your child attends their learning session, you will do it with a smile knowing your child is on the path to being a better writer and communicator!


A drop in, online, writing tutoring center.

Curriculum customized to serve each child’s specific needs.

Flexible schedule, low obligation, lower price to meet parent needs.

Digital drop-off uses a proprietary, adaptive teaching method developed by educators with Master’s Degrees from the Stanford School of Education.

Focused attention on the fundamentals of writing. (grammar, spelling, vocabulary, idea organization)

Designed for kids who are already strong in writing, and those who could use a boost.

Good at keeping kids motivated.

Cost is typically around 1/3 that of private, in-person tutoring

Individualized feedback on your child's progress & growth.


You are not locked into a long-term agreement, and can cancel by providing 30 days-notice. If you decide to cancel before the end of a 3 or 6 month membership, there is no early-termination fee. We will automatically convert your registration to a shorter membership, which has a slightly higher per-month fee. You simply pay the difference in the monthly fee for the term of the membership, which is typically in the range of $25 per month. You’re not locked into a long-term contract (paying for months beyond your 30-day notice) or stuck with a big termination fee. We are parents too, and know that schedules, needs, and interests change!

If you need to cancel before the completion of your selected duration, let us know by e-mailing contact@jumpwriting.com.


After logging on to Zoom, a student will be placed into a breakout room with a writing coach and up to two other students. The Jump Coach will rotate between the three students, assisting one while the other two work on their learning tasks. Curriculum for each session is divided between three activities: 1) writing & feedback, 2) computer-based grammar & conventions practice, 3) and portfolio writing or homework help.

5 min: Before the session

Students may log in to the Jump platform 5 minutes before their scheduled start time. At the start time, students will be placed into breakout rooms with a Jump Writing Coach and up to two other students.

10 min: One-on-One Mini Lesson with Jump Coach

A sequential lesson and activity based on your student’s assessed ability.

Writing takes place in Google Docs. Writing assignments are aimed at developing familiarity and skill with some of the most commonly requested grade-level-appropriate writing formats: opinion, persuasive, research, summary, and journal writing, as well as the 5-sentence paragraph and 5-paragraph essay.

20 min: The Fundamentals Behind the Fun

Using computer based (IXL) exercises, students practice reading strategies, vocabulary, writing strategies, and grammar and conventions (i.e. spelling). As mastery is achieved in various writing skills, the computer will automatically update the practice skills, phasing out mastered skills and adding in new skills.

20 min: Application of Mini Lesson / Homework Help

Students apply the day’s mini-lesson to their portfolio project.  Depending on where they are in the process they will be completing a first draft, revision, or final draft. Students’ writing is then assessed using a rubric that considers Ideas, Sentence Fluency, Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Conventions and Presentation (The 6+1 Traits of Writing).

Your child’s  coach will determine if your child has demonstrated the intended mastery of the day’s concepts. If there are areas requiring additional refinement, your child will receive additional instruction/activities in that area. If the coach determines that a child has indeed demonstrated proficiency in the day’s skills, they will have the option to spend the remaining time on writing-related school homework, or to use the time composing their own story or other written piece. If the student selects the homework option, the Coach will provide guidance and direction around the skills needed for the assignment, but will not do the homework for the student. If the student selects the composition option, they will have the ability to continue to add to their story each session and receive feedback from their Coach.


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